When did taxi drivers get rude?

My folks decided to stay in a hotel for Christmas. Fair dos to them, they’re mature, they don’t need all that running about any more.

Anyhow I dropped them off, parking in a space out front to do it. As I got out to get their stuff, I hear someone shouting at me. I looked up to see a taxi driver literally yelling at me. The conversation went something like this:

Taxi Driver (TD): Move your f*****g car.

I look confused.

TD: Move your f*****g car. You parked too f******g close.

Me: You’ve 6 feet behind you.

TD: Move your f*****g car.

I look confused again.

TD: I said to move your f*****g car. I shouldn’t have to f*****g reverse.

Me: Politeness would be nice.

TD: I don’t have to be f*****g polite, a*****e, move your f*****g car.

Me: Not unless you can be polite.

TD: F*** off, no. I don’t need to be f*****g polite.

Me: I open the boot of the car, getting their stuff out.

TD: F*** me, you almost parked so close you couldn’t f*****g open it.

Me: Are you going to say you’re sorry for your language now?

TD: Why the f*** should I say I’m sorry?

Me: Thanks, I’ll take that as an apology.

At which point I drove off.

I genuinely would have moved to car, had he been remotely unsweary, but I wasn’t prepared to be spoken to like that. Was I justified, or overly justified?

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