One of the more surreal things happened to me over the weekend

I was coming back from Shanghai, and caught a cab home from the station. Zhenhai is pretty much a Ningbo outer suburb, which means the cab drivers are iffy about getting a fare back or really don’t know where it is.

When trying to establish where I want to go the coversation invariable runs like this…..

“Zhenhai” (me)

“Zhunhai” (Driver)

“Yes Zhenhai” (me)




Anyhow if I get stressed about not being understood in Chinese, I start breaking into Polish. It’s usually just stuff Tak Nie (yes or no) or Naprawde (really), but on this trip I was halfway through “Prawo Lewo Pawo Tunel Prawo” (Right left right tunnel right) that I realised I was doing it, and that’s not happened in years.

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